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There have been many people who have influenced me and those who have set great examples in my life

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Hi liz, thanks for the efforts you are making to teach us how to write in IELTS task 2, please kindly take a look at my introduction for the above topic you are working on.
Certain individuals believe that the most effective means of enhancing a healthy lifestyle is to undergo constant exercise while on the otherhand taking part in perpetual body exercise is not the key to improving a healthy living. I stongly believe that undergoing constant exercise is not the only method of enhacing a healthy lifestyle .

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Hi Liz,
Thanks for your informative video!
However, I still wonder of your last sentence which belongs to the thesis statements. Could you please show the planning for the body paragraphs? If I write a body paragraph about dieting to gain health, isn’t it make my essay off-topic ?

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You need to understand the difference between advice and rules. You do not need to write only agree or disagree. You can write using a partial agreement. However, many teachers recommend one side because it’s easier for students to write. It is not a rule that writing “In my opinion” will lose points. In fact, it is VITAL to express your OWN personal opinion clearly and directly.

276 Words Essay on My Favourite Teacher A teacher is the one who is known as the base of our future or we can say teacher is the one who shows or …