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This handout provides detailed information about how to write research papers ..

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This handout provides detailed information about how to write research papers including discussing research papers as a genre, choosing topics, and finding sources.

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To do all this, you may actually have had to start writing the research paper itself. Some people plan everything out before they begin writing; other people only figure out what they are trying to say by trying to write about it; others do some of each. So do not assume all the steps in this process are going to go in order, and you will be all finished with one before you go on to the next one. Thinking and writing are not usually that neat. You may find it helpful to start writing early, and loop back through all these steps often, with a better sense of what you are doing each time. (That's how I write.)

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The purpose of the persuasion paper is for you to select a public health related issue on which you feel strongly and prepare a paper to persuade a particular audience to change their opinion about a specific issue and adopt the writer’s premise or world view. If you feel your audience cannot totally change their way of thinking, your job is to present enough persuasive evidence (derived from your research, and any form of support facts or data (anecdotes? Statistics? Emotional yet logical appeal? Etc.)

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While most OWL resources recommend a longer writing process (start early, revise often, conduct thorough research, etc.), sometimes you just have to write quickly in test situations. However, these exam essays can be no less important pieces of writing than research papers because they can influence final grades for courses, and/or they can mean the difference between getting into an academic program (GED, SAT, GRE). To that end, this resource will help you prepare and write essays for exams.

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Indeed, many students find it hardto bedecisive about the shape, topic, and issues in a dissertation untilthey arewell into the writing (which is why more advanced students tend towrite betterprospectuses than those just starting their research, and, notcoincidentally,compete better for jobs and grants).