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Select a small firm ‘START UP’ of your choice in the business to business or business to consumer sectors’ and present it as a case study in written report format in the form of an outline business plan for the next five years. Cover the nature of the business start-up, the objectives for the next five years, capital requirements (investment and working capital) and likely sources and the vision and mission set for the new venture. Produce a time plan for the first five years in the form of a Gantt chart or a Critical Path Analysis chart. (500 words)
Using the case study you have constructed from the above task as a vehicle for discussion and analysis and using appropriate evaluative frameworks assess the practical usefulness of the Scott and Bruce (1987) small firm growth model to entrepreneurs with start up firms’ during the first five years of their growth path. Use specific examples in your answer. (1,500 words)
Total 2,000 words – 100% of the available marks for assignment 1 – present in report format)
Learning Outcomes to be achieved: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 and L6 (see Learning Outcomes listed below).

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Your assessor will be looking for:
A report titled ‘marketing performance review’ that reviews the performance of the international marketing program outlined in the case study provided. Ensure that in
the report that you review the plan for the marketing program and evaluate the implementation of the plan, and report using the following headings:
? Analysis: describe any significant changes that have taken place in the market since the plan was developed and implementation commenced. Describe the impact of
these changes on marketing objectives.
? Performance: for the successes and performance gaps identified in the case study, measured against the established KPIs, determine the causes and the effects of
each, and describe how marketing performance can be improved.
? Review: document suggested revisions or improvements to marketing objectives based on the above. Ensure your report meets organisational reporting requirements.

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