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Remember to list all the books and articles you use for the essay in a Reference List.

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The second section of this manual will show you how to construct a reference as part of the full reference list for the types of source materials covered in section one. The individual units which make up a reference are given, followed by an example to illustrate how this would look with all of the information pieced together.

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If the source is a text within an edited volume (such as a chapter in an anthology), it should be listed under the name of the author of the text used, not under the name of the editor. The name of the editor should be given in the bibliographic entry, however. For further information see appropriate reference style.

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The reference list at the end of the essay or dissertation is where the full bibliographic information for a source is presented. Each source that is cited in the body of your work, whether to elaborate on a point you have made, or reinforce an argument, must also have an entry in the end reference list, unless it is an irretrievable source like a personal communication.

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