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The is another institution that funds Latinos through scholarships. The CHCI is a leading Hispanic non-profit and non-partisan 501(c)3 charitable organization. The organization began in 1978 and its mission is “to help increase opportunities for Hispanics to participate in and contribute to the American policy making process.”

Hispanic scholarship essays

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Within the organization’s mission, increased access for Hispanics across many different processes is also fundamental to the organization. A branch of this mission is CHCI’s Scholarship Program.
The mission of the scholarship program, in conjunction with the organization’s umbrella mission, is to “provide critical financial assistance that will increase graduation rates among Latino students in post-secondary education.”

Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The is meant to address the financial obstacle that holds Hispanics back. In order to qualify for the SAI Scholarship, there are certain eligibility criteria that applicants must meet:

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