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Many people believed that the “I” in the poem was referring to Anne Sexton.

It was said to be very autobiographical in nature (Anne Sexton 2).


Anne Sexton
Anne Sexton was born on November 9th, 1928 in Newtown, Massachusetts
She grew up in Weston, Massachusetts
She lived a financially comfortable life with her parents but was not emotionally and mentally satisfied in her family life, leading to later complications in her mental health.

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One example of this parental conflict can be seen in Anne Sexton's �All My Pretty Ones.� The poem details the sentiments of a child who has lost both of her parents within a very short period of time ...

The chronic mental illness that controlled Anne’s life was the anguished center of her family’s life (Linda Sexton 1).

And that kind is "a woman who writes." So, although I would not suggest thatAnne Sexton is a feminist poet, I think that her poetry catches the feminist's eye and earin special ways. Many of her experiences and feelings are the product of a society thatoppresses women. The anger and excess that run through so much of her poetry are uniquelyhers, but there are echoes of the same kind of rage in the poetry of many of her moreexplicitly feminist contemporaries.

Anne Sexton is an example of a poet with such problems who used her personal despair to inspire her poetic works.

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The Almost Regular Form
Three stanzas, seven lines each
Almost Iambic tetrameter but most of the lines have an odd number of syllables
Almost a regular rhyme scheme
The rhyme scheme is ABABCBC, but it has seven lines making it irregular
Anne Sexton's Art
Imagery using witchcraft is present throughout the poem in lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 11
The last line in each stanza, " I have been her kind" is a conceit, an extended metaphor comparing the speaker to witches.

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The poem Musee des Beux Arts by W.H Auden and Anne Sexton’s To a Friend Whose Come to Triumph are both based on the myth of Icarus both poet based their poetry on a painting by Pieter Brueghel on The Landscape of The Fall of Icarus.

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On the other hand, the general argument made by author, Anne Sexton, in her poem, “The Fury of Overshoes,” is that childhood is most appreciated when a person must be independent.

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Not there”, multiple times throughout the poem as she searches for this auspicious way of life that is within her grasp, but yet, she cannot seize because its is conclusively absent (“45 Mercy Street” ll.

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Anne Sexton’s poem was a poetical response to William Butler Yeats poem’s To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing Both Auden and Sexton’s poems are based on life....

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