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First, the argument that the government (i.e., taxpayer funding) owns (or regulates) the roads and thus has the right to tell us what to do “for our own good” (wear helmets, fasten seatbelts, limit speeds, purchase only vehicles “approved” by the authorities, etc.) is no argument at all in support of helmet laws. It is an argument instead in support of privatizing roadways, to the extent that current technology exists to do so through efficient toll collection (excludability). Then, the true PRIVATE owners of the roadways can make whatever regulations they wish on the basis of private property rights, and those regulations will no doubt be based upon the preferences of the drivers and riders who pay the tolls and utilize the transportation services provided. Some roadways would require strict helmet use, others none. That’s the nature of the voluntary marketplace. There is no voluntary marketplace under the current federal and state monopoly of roadways. Mostly it is an autocracy or authoritarian bureaucracy to which we must submit. Certainly not the kind of freedom most riders pride themselves in standing up for. Although, apparently many of the riders posting on this topic care not for freedom at all, but simply wish to indulge themselves in a crusade against the freedoms of others simply because they disagree with the choices that others make when given that freedom.

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Motorcycles are a significant cause of injury-related fatality and disability. In particular, head injury is a common associated cause of death and long-term disability after a motorcycle crash. Despite these facts, there remains an ongoing controversy as to the survival and disability advantages for riders who wear motorcycle helmets. In the public and legislative sectors, there remains a significant policy controversy resulting in a push to retain partial coverage helmet laws and to repeal universal helmet laws in many others.

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I still say that your “argument” is flawed due to an apples to oranges comparison. Yes, statistically speaking I’m sure you are correct about wearing a helmet in your car, but you would also be safer not driving at all (which we could say about participating in any “thrilling” activity).

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Baseball fans can get bats and balls in their face, and hockey fans can get hockey pucks launched at them. Should there be a law that requires these particular spectators to wear a helmet too?

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Over the past decades, the volume of literature supporting helmet usage prevents, and ethically so, any randomized control trials or even controlled trials of helmet usage. Therefore, the most robust studies published in the past 20 years are predominantly prospective and retrospective epidemiologic studies. As there are no class I studies to review, the studies we did review do not vary across the classes of evidence in a useful manner. Therefore, we categorized the articles in this review by study design. There are prospective cohort and cross-sectional studies. However, the majority of the studies are retrospective, either before and after cross-sectional studies of helmet law changes or cross-sectional studies of helmeted in comparison with nonhelmeted riders. Finally, we also identified case-control studies.

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A large volume of literature has quantified the consequences of not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Although motorcycle riding and registration are increasing and more states with universal helmet laws are introducing bills to repeal their laws, the debate continues on the personal advantages of helmet usage. Therefore, we have reviewed the literature and summarize the evidence basis for the use of motorcycle helmets. In particular, we have sought to assess the impact of helmet use on overall mortality, head injury-related mortality, nonlethal head injury after a motorcycle crash, and the impact universal helmet laws on helmet use.

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Retrospective review of data from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for motorcycle registrations, motorcycle crash data from the Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Office, and motorcycle fatality data for Arkansas from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). The Arkansas helmet law was repealed in 1997. The study compares the 4 years before to the 4 years after the repeal. Fatalities per crash increased non- significantly from 41.9 to 42.2 per 1000 crashes but in the same period of time, crashes and fatalities per 1000 registered motorcycles decreased. The percentage of motorcycle fatalities not wearing a helmet increased from 47.0% to 78.2% after the repeal.