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Psychoneurotic symptoms occur if psychologically hurtful experiences
during childhood have left the repression too weak or have distorted the ego, or
if overstimulation has left the id wishes too strong, or if the delicate balance
between ego, id, and superego has been upset by injury or other events.

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KEYWORDS: psychology theory psychological functions libido repression dreams individual psychology stream of consciousness ego id Freud Jung Adler James.

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Freud's hope that would some day become a general psychology has already been partly realized by the work of Hartmann, Erikson, Kris, Jacobson, , Greenacre, Rapaport, Mahler and other psychoanalytic ego psychologists. These workers have correlated theory in particular with theory in general, through emphasis on the flexible and the enduring functions of the ego. This approach can be viewed as an indirect outgrowth of Freud's formulation “where id was, there shall ego be.”

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