Due to this, President Truman delivered the Truman Doctrine.

During Truman's presidency Germany surrendered (May 8, 1945) and Japan surrendered (Aug.

Harry Truman mitigated some of the worse features of the New Deal.

He served in the Revolutionary War under Colonel Daniel Morgan of Morgan's Raiders fame, and participated in the battles of Trenton, Brandywine and Germantown.Shipp is another important name in Harry Truman's ancestry.

The U.S., with Truman's approval, dropped an atomic bomb on the people of Hiroshima on Aug.

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The President rejected a demonstration of the atomic bomb to the Japanese leadership. He knew there was no guarantee the Japanese would surrender if the test succeeded, and he felt that a failed demonstration would be worse than none at all. Even the scientific community failed to foresee the awful effects of . Truman saw little difference between atomic bombing Hiroshima and Dresden or Tokyo.

The ethical debate over the decision to drop the atomic bomb will never be resolved. The bombs did, however, bring an end to the most destructive war in history. The Manhattan Project that produced it demonstrated the possibility of how a nation's resources could be mobilized.

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Most of the families came from Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, with many of them settling first in Virginia and later moving west to Kentucky. The name Truman is found among Englishmen who emigrated to America in the 1660s, although the connection between the President and those Trumans is unknown.

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Truman Library papers on the atomic bomb, click To see a good summary on the a-bombings with many interesting links, go to The Manhattan Project and the Ethics of the Atomic Bomb by clicking

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Truman stated that his decision to drop the bomb was purely military. A Normandy-type amphibious landing would have cost an estimated million casualties. Truman believed that the bombs saved Japanese lives as well. Prolonging the war was not an option for the President. Over 3,500 Japanese kamikaze raids had already wrought great destruction and loss of American lives.

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Dorothy Malloy, author of a lengthy genealogy titled Saga of the Taney Rainbow Trails, claims, "Very little is known about the Trumans of Virginia, for they tended to mend their own fences and kept away from politics and land disputes which might have brought them to the attention of provincial courts."Most of President Truman's ancestors of the Revolutionary War period have been identified.

Harry Truman and the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima.

No record has been found of the senior William Truman's role in the war, perhaps because of the destruction of records in some parts of Virginia during the years of conflict with British forces.Another early ancestor of President Truman was a French Huguenot, , who immigrated to Maryland in the 1650s.

Truman was the 33rd president of the United States of America

Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States, serving from 1945 to 1953. Born and raised in Missouri, Truman was a farmer, businessman, World War I veteran, and U.S. senator. As President, his order to drop atomic bombs on Japan helped end World War II.