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(It is conceivable that someone could satirize virtue or morality in an attempt to "correct" social behavior by instituting the values of free love, which values are present in the so-called counter culture, but generally speaking the satirist has always aligned himself with the timeless, traditional notions of virtue and morality.) Why the moral stance behind satire remains so often is dictated by the satiric method, which in turn is necessitated by the structure and nature of social corruption.

Harold bloom hester essay

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With only slight exaggeration, Bernstein once stated that his criterion for conductinga work was: "Will it give me an orgasm?" It's easy to see why he loved theMahler so very deeply. The work runs the full gamut of human emotion,progressing from obsessive tension in the first movement, through lilting grace in thesecond, wicked sarcasm in the third, deep introspection in the fourth, and heaven-stormingdrama in the forty-minute finale. The symphony is subtitled and ends in a cathartic blaze of glory unmatched in any other work(although Ravel's and Mahler's own come veryclose). Under Bernstein's inspired baton, the tempo slows and then nearly ceases, subsumedby waves of power chords, all underlined by the deep rumble of the concert organ. Theconsiderable energy of the Columbia recording is now prolonged and magnified to anunprecedented degree (and seems even more impressive without the inner-groove distortionand lapse of fidelity that weakened the end of the 1961 LP).

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• Mozart: and (Bavarian RadioOrchestra, 1988 and 1990) (DG 427 353 and 431 791). The current trend in Mozartinterpretation is to use period instruments and light, unemotional textures in an effortto replicate the performance practices of 200 years ago. Bernstein's richly romantictemperament was as far removed from this approach as possible. His readings of Mozart'stwo greatest religious works are awash in deep reverence. Whether or not Mozart would haveplayed them this way, the sheer magnitude of profound feeling is overwhelminglypersuasive.

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More than any other of his early recordings, the weakness of the ratherironically serves to highlight one of Bernstein's greatest strengths: how he was able totransform such trivia through the sheer magnitude of his conviction. Just as Toscaninilent credibility to trite sentimental pieces of his deservedly unknown Italiancontemporaries and Beecham animated the wispy meanderings of Delius, Bernstein's recordinginjected vitality and conviction to Blitzstein's bathos. Even the worst conductor cancommunicate at least some of the essence of a masterpiece. But perhaps the measure of atruly great conductor is an ability to invest mediocre or even genuinely bad music with asemblance of quality.

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As the result of his instant celebrity, doors of opportunity flew open. Bernstein wasbesieged with guest conducting offers. He became a regular guest on the "InformationPlease" radio quiz show. He was the darling of high society. Orchestras soughtperformances of his compositions. He was even offered a screen test for the lead in abiopic on Tchaikovsky. And on a more personal level, Sam Bernstein finally reconciledhimself to his son's musical career, gushing to the press over his "contribution toan America that has done everything for me" and attempting to recast his formerreluctance with humor: "How could I know my son was going to grow up to be LeonardBernstein?"

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But the rest of the opera soon degenerates into the commonplace, and Bernstein's fewattempts at writing serious drama verge on the embarrassing. Perhaps Bernstein recognizedhis limitation, as he came to rely on others to provide lyrics for most of his music.

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In the autumn of 1994 pieces of the prophet puzzle began falling into place; a unifying pattern was discerned within the unusual array of historical information outlined above. Joseph Smith's quest for a sacred golden treasure buried in dark earth, his involvement with ceremonial magic, the angelic visitations, the pseudepigraphic texts he "translated", his declaration of Masonry as a remnant of priesthood, and his restoration of a Temple with its central mystery of a sacred wedding – all could be fitted into one very recently recognized context: Hermeticism.