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The basic definition of a Renaissance man is a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.
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There are six characteristics of a Renaissance Man:
Intelligence- a deep think and a highly analytical and developed brain
Knowledgeable- absorb information easily and have knowledge in a wide variety of fields
Artistic- can either sing, play an instrument, write, paint, sculpt, dance, or express themselves in some way through fine arts
Physical- in good physical shape
Social- have excellent social skills and have strong relationships
Cool- smooth and sophisticated

A Renaissance man does not have to fit all of these characteristics but ideally does.

She is a renaissance woman who expresses herself through her artistic works.
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"Renaissance Man," from a semi-autobiographical screenplay by Jim Burnstein, spends a lot of time watching Bill explain "Hamlet" to his charges. It enjoys its share of wisecracks, and beyond that means to be a cry for literacy and learning. But as a one-book movie, it's part of the problem rather than part of the solution. "Hamlet" is desperately overused, whether in bad jokes ("That's about a little bitty pig, right?") or impromptu musical exercises (the class recites "this above all, to thine own self be true" while practicing percussion). The strain is most evident in a scene that shows the class performing a supposedly spontaneous hip-hop "Hamlet" riff, while Mr. DeVito beams in frozen admiration.

However, the amount of time Hamlet reflects upon death makes Him a Renaissance man.
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So is the film's initially quick pacing: "Renaissance Man" runs longer than two hours, and would have been funnier with some of its padding removed. Yet even at its present length, the film has some confusing lapses, like the sight of a kitchen that Bill is told he will share with a next-door neighbor at the Army post. ("I've died and gone to Gomer Pyle's house," he complains.) No neighbor appears, and the house isn't seen again. Later on, a brief, implausible scene giving Bill a girlfriend seems shoehorned in just to advance a plot point. But the girlfriend may have played a larger role, since she makes a token appearance at the feel-good finale.

However, he is not the Renaissance man Hamlet is because like Claudius and old Hamlet, Fortinbras strives to be a god and not a better man.
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If you're looking for a learning experience, "Renaissance Man" is ready to teach you what the words simile, metaphor, oxymoron and formula mean. The last, in this case, refers to the story of a down-on-his-luck individual who gets a shot at redemption by teaching nice, somehow-disadvantaged innocents who can benefit from his wisdom. Maybe he's a coach ("The Air Up There," "Cool Runnings," "The Mighty Ducks") or maybe he's a failed ad copywriter (this film). Probably he's a white male, unless he's Whoopi Goldberg teaching nuns about rock-and-roll.

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In attempting to do this he actually applies the respected Renaissance quality of “prudence”, which is why Hamlet is often accused of indeed “thinking too precisely on the event”.

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"Renaissance Man" does succeed in assembling a highly likable band of recruits. Their antics give the film some fizz, even when its Shakespearean pretensions threaten to flatten all else. The actors are appealing enough to override the fact that each of them has a one-sentence, fairly heartbreaking problem that will be addressed by the story's end. Outstanding among these performers are Kadeem Hardison as the group cut-up and Lillo Brancato Jr., still doing the De Niro imitation he perfected as the son in "A Bronx Tale." Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg, playing a tough Southern soldier who finds ample reasons to take his shirt off, oozes gritty confidence and makes a strong, swaggering impression on the big screen.

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Hamlet displays the ideals of the Renaissance through his indecisiveness and uncertainty much like the Catholics who questioned their religious beliefs.