Jefferson on the French and Haitian Revolutions.

The Haitian Revolution resounded in communities surrounding the Atlantic Ocean.

Slaves were the main social cause of the Haitian Revolution.

The French Revolution played an important part in influencing the Haitian Revolution of 1791; it gave way to the Haitian Revolution which consisted of many other separate revolutions that occurred at the same time.

3 what were the racial and class divisions in saint domingue prior to the Haitian revolution ?

The Haitian Revolution was a turning point in the Atlantic Worlds.

This was such a revolution in the structure of French society that its news spread like wildfire and was exactly the stimulus the slaves and Mulattoes in Haiti needed to inspire their revolt.

Violence was also used in Haiti in the rebellions that set the ground for the revolution.

Slaves around the world were seeking to be recognized as equals to their conquerors or colonizers and therefore uprisings began to develop after the orchestration of the first black uprising known as the Haitian revolution.

"Jefferson on the French and Haitian Revolutions." Letter to Marquis De Lafayette.