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The ideas generated are noted, summarized, and circulated for further action.

Is it important to learn how to participate in group discussions?

Whether you are looking for employment or are already in a job, group discussion skills are essential if you want to be successful and contribute effectively.

What group discussion skills are assessed?

The group discussion skills that are assessed are:

1. Communication skills
2. Soft skills
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Team working skills
5. Conflict management skills
6. Taking initiative
7. Leadership skills
8. Presentation skills
9. Negotiation skills
10. Observation skills

How are group discussion skills assessed?

The following points form the basis for assessing group discussion skills:

1. How you shared your ideas and suggestions
2. How slowly and clearly you spoke
3. How you answered questions posed by others
4. How you encouraged others to participate
5. How you expressed your disagreement with the opinions of others
6. Did you remain on topic and help others do the same?
7. Did you summarize and repeat ideas when necessary?
8. Did you substantiate your point of view?
9. Did you listen to others?

On the other hand, poor group communication between team members can unnecessarily botch up an entire project.

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Most people like to be associated with either a group or a particular team. In most cases, the word group and team are used interchangeably, which is wrong. In fact, quite a number of people do not know the difference between a group and a team. Calling a group a tem does not make it a team. They are both quite different from each other especially when in the context of business organizations. Although both have their own disadvantages and disadvantages, managers prefer working with teams rather than groups. Teams bring more satisfying results than groups when aiming at a complex target (Levi, 2010).

Through group work (GW) students acquire effective collaborative, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills.

These principles also apply to important aspects of effectivesmall group communication, such as teamwork, critical thinking,creativity, and diversity. Thus, ethical communication in smallgroups means that group members respect and encourage diverseopinions, do not tolerate communication that degrades and harmsothers, balance the sharing of information with a respect forprivacy, and listen for understanding and empathy before evaluatingand critiquing.

If communication and trust break down within a team, the team will not progress and will cease to function....

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My uneasiness stemmed from my experience during my undergraduate studies as an adult learner; three out of five group projects resulted in poor quality research, content, and conflict between the high output team members and the low engaged team members....

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One major difference between teams and groups is what constitutes each group. For example, groups have people of the something in common. For example, they may be of the same gender, same profession, or the same job category, amongst others. They might be working towards reaching a particular goal or not depending on the environment. However, teams may have nothing in common in terms of gender, profession or job category. However, they may be brought together by the desire to reach a particular goal (Dr. Shoonover, 2002).

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Most teams constitute people of different profession or gender. Some may not even be working in the same area. For example, a business wanting to establish a new market in another country may have a team consisting of a marketer, an IT specialist, an accountant and a general manager or the director of the business. Each of these members is required to bring their individual skill and expertise in order to achieve the desired goal. For the purpose of numbers, the teams are much smaller than groups. For example, a manager may be put in charge of a sales group of twenty while another manager may be put in charge of project set up team of seven (Housel, 2001).

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Some of the uses and channels of communication would normallyhave been considered and agreed as part of a Communications Planand, generally, as part of the process. This is particularly the case wherecommunications are made to people outside the Project Team.

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A group’s performance is based more on the individual performance and his/her willingness to follow instructions given by a manager and achieve an individual or general goal. On the other hand, a team is self-motivated. This was picked up because of a particular matter or goal. Most teams are dissolved after the completion of the particular task or goal they were supposed to achieve. The success of a particular team will depend on the combination of the efforts put rather than individual input (Housel, 2001).