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The books were used to cover servant leaders, agile development and organizational learning.

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Awareness: I will always need general awareness as well as self awareness in order to be in a position to understand issues which involves power, ethics as well as values (Greenleaf, 2004). I will also need to start viewing almost all the situations in which I am in from a very holistic position. Thus I should not consider awareness as the solace giver but an awakener and distributor. As a servant leader I need to be reasonably disturbed as well as sharply awake and have my inner serenity (Sullivan, 2004).

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The analysis will define two leadership models and provide specific examples for each model that will be presented; Servant Leadership and Transformational Leadership and the behaviors to model, if one intends to be a Servant Leade...

The servant-leadership theory does not place the leader above the followers....

Robert Greenleaf’s work concentrated on leadership. He wrote several books on servant leadership. Other than writing, Greenleaf did consultancy work in management. Before taking early retirement in order to concentrate on writing, he was working for AT&T being in charge of management development and research (Geenleaf & Spears, 2002). Some of the principal books that includes:

More specifically, it will center on servant leadership and its impact on the military’s vision.

“The phrase “Servant Leadership” was coined by Robert K

Robert Greenleaf was a theorist who concentrated his work on leadership. He specialized on servant leadership. Robert Greenleaf brought the concept of servant leadership when he wrote an essay that was published in 1970 on the ‘The servant as a Leader’. He said, “The servant is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.” Robert was concerned with whether the leadership in place served its followers and that is why his writing was based on servant leadership. Greenleaf described the traits of a servant leader. They include, listening, building community, commitment to the growth of people, stewardship, foresight, empathy, healing, conceptualization, persuasion and awareness.

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What do you think? Would it better to talk about “Level 5 leadership” instead of “servant leadership”? Are the terms interchangeable? How do you compare them?

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Greenleaf, R. K., (2002). Servant-Leadership: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness, L.C. Spears, S.R. Covey, & P.M. Senge (Eds). Mahwah, New Jersey: Paulist Press.

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Servant-leadership can be regarded as a long-term and a transformational approach to work and life. This is in the essence of creating the way of being which is potential to create a positive change in the society. Servant-leadership emphasizes on collaboration and service to co-workers. However, the ten characteristics discussed above are able to communicate the promise and power which servant leadership can offer to the people who welcomes the challenge and invitation. There is a lot of transformational power which can improve someone’s servant-leadership skills drasticall

Nursing Servant Leadership Paper Essay

Building community: As someone who upholds servant-leadership, I should be able to sense that the shift of people from their local communities into large communities has contributed to a lot of loss. As a result of this awareness I will then be in apposition to identify the possible ways of building a community in the organization (Greenleaf, 2004). Thus, all the people in the organization will embrace the sense of being one community.