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“Greek Civil War.” World History: The Modern Era. 2008. ABC-CLIO. 1 May 2008

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There were many events that took place within the fifteen years leading up to the Civil War that foreshadowed the eventual secession of seven “cotton states” from the Union.

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The Civil War was caused by mounting conflicting pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by differences and pride, and set into motion by unlikely set of political events.

: the Greek Civil War and the politics of memory in the 1980s /​ David Close.

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With this political instability in Greece during the early twentieth century, General Ioannis Metaxas took power with a fascist-style dictatorship. Once Metaxas died in 1941, Greece was left powerless and the Communist Party took control and created the National Liberation Front, also called the EAM. Another group was formed that was against the EAM called the National Republican Greek League (EDES). The EAM and EDES fought each other in the winter of 1943-1944. The EDES received help from the British since Britain was worried about a communist takeover. Winston Churchill met with Joseph Stalin in 1944. Churchill agreed to give Stalin power in Romania if Stalin gave Churchill power in Greece. The Germans, still there from World War II, began to withdraw from Greece because of this and Stalin gave no help to the communists, even though they were the powerful group in Greece. On December 2, 1944, fighting started between the British and the EAM. The nationalists won and the size of the Communist party greatly decreased.

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The inclination to depict the Civil War in this glorified manner strengthened over time until the process of converting the Civil War from hell on earth to a sacred cause systematically destroyed the anguish that the war created....

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The American civil war ended the most grotesque American institution in its history and caused the nation to struggle for the next decade to recover from the devastation.

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The Greek Civil war was not a clash of good vs evil but one of two extreme belief systems that could not co-exist, with the majority of the Greek people trapped somewhere in the middle.

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By writing this article Carwardine hopes to help others gain a better understanding of the significance of Abraham Lincoln’s relationship with the press during the Civil War.