It tells us how they lived their lives during the Great Depression.

That my friends is the true definition of of what the Great Depression really was.

31, 1980) was one of the world's greatest track and field athletes.

Langston Hughes, a famous African American poet and author, wrote many poems describing the treatment of African Americans and their struggle to survive.

A couple of questions to consider: How would you describe the great depression?

The 30’s were a time of great distress for many Americans.

Many people, even the poorest of Americans, supported the president and held great faith in his ability to get them back on their feet, which was quite a change from the way that many Americans had distrusted Hoover during the earliest years of the Depression.

That was the day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression was launched.

White property owners in some residential neighborhoods refused to sell or rent out to blacks and with rents rising in segregated areas, many blacks began to create their exclusive cities within the bigger city, leading to the birth of the African-American culture. The period also saw the rise of political activism as the African Americans began to establish their role in public life in the Northern and Western cities. In some cities such as Newark and Chicago, the Blacks who worked in close proximity with European Americans, slowly began to get integrated into the society with their lifestyles changing as Industrial workers.

(1929-1968) was a great man who worked for racial equality in the USA.

Each of these reasons probably played a part in the Great Depression.

This expanding industrial production, as well as widespread conscription beginning in 1942, reduced the unemployment rate to below its pre-Depression level.

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The photographers traversed the country, capturing rural and suburban farmers, migrant workers, their families, equipment and stock in every state. When the goal of resettlement soon died on the vine, the RA shifted focus to the construction of relief camps in California for migrant workers fleeing the devastation of the Dust Bowl. Stryker made sure his team of artists were funded and that their photographs were published in the mainstream press. These early RA pictures established the reputations of photographers whose images would soon become enduring symbols of America in the Great Depression.

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Carver developed hundreds of products from , sweet potatoes, pecans, and soybeans; his discoveries greatly improved the agricultural output and the health of Southern farmers.

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Depression-era hardships had fueled the rise of extremist political movements in various European countries, most notably that of Nazi regime in Germany. German aggression led war to break out in Europe in 1939, and the WPA turned its attention to strengthening the military infrastructure of the United States, even as the country maintained its neutrality.

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We previewed the video in class on Wednesday; The Great Depression 1 – A Job at Ford’s and others episodes in the series may be helpful to understanding what the great depression was.

Blacks and the Great Depression

After showing early signs of recovery beginning in the spring of 1933, the economy continued to improve throughout the next three years, during which real GDP (adjusted for inflation) grew at an average rate of 9 percent per year. A sharp recession hit in 1937, caused in part by the Federal Reserve’s decision to increase its requirements for money in reserve. Though the economy began improving again in 1938, this second severe contraction reversed many of the gains in production and employment and prolonged the effects of the Great Depression through the end of the decade.