And I can't have disliked it at first: it got me into Blur.

(1992)Although only a one-track release,  was definitely a musical turning point for Blur.

(1997)Perhaps was the last Britpop album Blur made.

The band played some shows as a threesome, with Damon Albarn experimenting (albeit not with flair) on a guitar, and Alex James and Dave Rowntree just ploughing on - the band went to record in South America and Morocco and Graham never turned up.

Popscene was Blur's first piece of Britpop, and arguably, the start of Britpop as a genre.

By 2000, Blur and Graham Coxon were two separate artists.

Other great tracks on the album include sensitive song 'Blue Jeans', about Damon's girlfriend Justine Frischmann of Elastica, upbeat but disdainful 'Villa Rosie' and 'Sunday Sunday', and a lot of interesting, miserably loveable characters in various other tracks, including Colin Zeal, the uptight man caught in the rat race, the disillusioned Miss America, and the bitter Julian with pressure mounting on him.

The new Blur sounds like it has four different directions, four people pulling four different ways.

'For Tomorrow' has it all: the detached melancholy which Blur became known for shines through beneath a perfect pop song, with a 'la la la' chorus but some fine observations on modern England in there too.

(2003) is Damon Albarn's album for ideas, and Alex James' and Dave Rowntree's album for form.

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I'd say it's an essential Blur album, either way: it marked their rise to fame, contains some of their best and most popular songs, and definitely defines what most people think of as Blur.

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However, it did spawn 'Song 2', Blur's first major US hit, live favourite 'Beetlebum' and Graham's first lead vocal track 'You're So Great' (charming in its boyishness, but somehow lacking, like much of Graham's later solo material.) (1999)To end the nineties, and end Blur as we knew it, they released .

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Often hailed as Blur's best album, certainly contains fantastic pop songs: the famous tongue-twister 'Girls & Boys' stands next to title track 'Parklife', and possibly their most beloved and beautiful song, 'This Is A Low'.

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A moment of historical importance on the album is 'Star Shaped', a more personal track describing Blur snapping out of recent discontent and getting their dreams together: their career was to take off from there, giving the song meaningful resonance.

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It doesn't have as many singalong moments or big choruses as Blur would usually have (minus famous break-up singalong song 'Tender'), but it has a gritty quality and an intensity they'd never had before.

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They slid out of the confines of repetitive trance indie and embraced unusual chords, a lo-fi sound and the first of Damon Albarn's very eloquent lyrics.

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Blur didn't explode in a public supernova argument, band members didn't die suddenly, and the public didn't knock them from their podium after a bad album.