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Snail Graffiti - graffiti artist from London paints on the shells of snails.

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Of course, graffiti is also illegal and this kind of activities can end up with an arrest. Although there are ways how to do it legally, you must prove yourself and get some popularity among other artists and graffiti enthusiasts. No one will be interested in your work if they won’t even know who you are and how your art looks like. So you must start with illegal painting and that is very risky. If you will get caught more times, you can even go to jail. There really are some graffiti artists that have been arrested and put into jail because of their actions.

Simply put, graffiti is disgusting and a crime that still costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

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Piece is widely used term that actually is a shorten form of masterpiece. With this term only very large, complicated and beautiful graffiti artworks are described. There are even some conditions set for a graffiti to be called piece. For example, there must be at least three colors used and there must be complicated shadows or other effects.

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Blade is another graffiti artist from New York. He is considered to be one of the pioneers. He started painting in 1972 and since that time he has painted more than 5 000 pieces. Most of his artworks were made on trains and subways. He was a real graffiti artist in its true sense. His paintings were made illegally, but people loved them. They were creative and for that time innovative. Some of his artworks can be found in museums today. He is called the King of New York, to show respect to his pieces.

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If you want to become a graffiti artist or if you are just interested in this type of art, there are some terms you should know. Graffiti is a subculture, so there is some specific language used. The list of terms and phrases are almost infinite. They mostly describe styles, techniques, artists, backgrounds, forms and other aspects of graffiti. If you are not already familiar with graffiti subculture, you probably won’t learn them all, but there are some that are widely used.

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One you have become a good graffiti artist, you must find some places where to paint and show your kills to other artists and people. Remember that drawing graffiti in public places without permeation is illegal, so you must look for legal options. There are some graffiti competitions and also projects, where graffiti artists can paint without any accusations.

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Tag is opposite to piece. It is the simplest form of graffiti. It is written either with spray paint or flat marker. There is only one color used in them. Usually it is a signature of a graffiti artist so they are put on the top or bottom of the real artworks; however they are also used as separate paintings. They are widely used to mark a territory. Tags alone are not considered real art.

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When you have learned the basics, you can try to find some ways how to consummate your skills. The best graffiti artists sometimes offer some courses and experience exchanges to the new artists. If you can find any of those, than use the chance. Also it is possible to learn something from videos and other theoretical materials.

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When you have become a good graffiti drawer, you must learn everything about spray paints and flat markers. The supply of them is huge. There are simple spray paints you can buy at any building materials shop, but there are also spry paints and markers that are specially designed for graffiti art. There are also different can tips with which you can control the thickness of lines and also give some effects or texture to your artwork. You must learn what kinds of paints are appropriate for each surface and what tips you must use in each case.