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  (2008)Essays on corruption in sub-Saharan Africa. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

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BEE-fronting is an abuse of the rules governing Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), where qualifying persons are given a seat on the Board of Directors of a company while having no decision-making power in the company, in order to qualify the company for government contracts in terms of BEE.

Same thing is happening to Australia, the incredibly corrupt right wing government is doing the same thing with China

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The country hasa corrupt president Zuma. Corruption in South Africa includes the private useof public resources, bribery and improper favouritism.

But, whether general or specific in nature, comparative politics tries to determine what caused the governments to form in the way that they did....

South Africa has a robust anti-corruption framework, but laws are inadequately enforced. Two forms of corruption areparticularly prevalent in South Africa; tenderpreneurism and BEE fronting.

Political Corruption in Africa Essay Sample

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With all due respect…This article and your reply boils down to the following: Any opposition to corrupt and badly governed peoples has now become pro-western imperialism. please grow up! This is becoming just the same as western propaganda.

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The onus is on you to provide proof that so called “western imperialism” is behind the problems we have in South Africa face. Perhaps it is, but then ONLY in the form of highlighting the corrupt dealings of the South African government.

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So @laurineleroux:disqus, I agree: we’re in a crisis and there’s a powerful Western-aligned elite that would like to not only gain greater control of SA, but also weaken the nascent BRICS alliance that has become somewhat of a potent counterpoise. However I find it very hard to fathom how they, as smart as they are, could have engineered the current political fiasco. Moreover, the very fact that we now view the West as enemies (not that they were playmates before) is a manifestation of the ignorance and corruption that has befallen the ruling party.

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What IS new is the fragmentation and decline of a once glorious liberation movement. Look at the current situation. Did a Western cabal hatch a plan to build Zuma a R250mil home? Did they force him to feign the remedial action of the Public Protector? Did the West draft the unlawful police report that determined that the President’s swimming pool, amphitheater, cattle kraal, chicken run and visitor’s center were legitimate security upgrades? Did they collude to force Zuma to replace a respected finance minister with a malleable, sycophantic cadre? Is the West behind the rampant corruption we’re seeing at state-owned enterprises such as SAA, ESKOM, SABC, PRASA etc? Is the West planting corrupt officials in the national assembly and in our municipal and provincial governments?

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This article misses the point entirely. South Africa is in trouble because of our own deeply ingrained political corruption and general worthless administrative skills. The ANC started out well enough but have slowly become the corrupt cancer that is eating away at this country. The overall rotten-to-the-core nature of the ANC is legendary.