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Next, students will be creating an original metaphor for love that they feel they can extend upon. Once tool from WritingFix that I use a lot, can also be found in their wonderful "Going Deep with Compare & Contrast Thinking Guide," which was published back in 2008. Several of the guide's resources are freely accessible at WritingFix's . One of those resources--their color set of --is one that I use a lot with my learners.

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There are two absolutely great places to showcase extended metaphors when one is teaching writing: in a descriptive narrative and as an introductory tool for expository writing. After all my students' metaphor practice, I have very few kids who have trouble showing me they can establish and extend a metaphor should I ask them to try it during the drafting phase of writer's workshop; it helps that I can show them a mentor text (see below) and my teacher model (see below) to show them what it looks like in longer writing. My kids are ultimately allowed to choose not to use the metaphors we try in their final drafts (if the metaphor didn't "work" or feel natural), but they have to try it. In the novels we read together, there a lots of extended metaphors that the kids catch because metaphors are a constantly discussed tool during class time. Here are the two places where I have the best success inspiring students to establish and extend metaphors:

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In this example, the different qualities of the moon, like the shape, color or the brightness, and the different qualities of a person's life are used to draw a parallel--in that way it becomes an extended metaphor.

As is clear, if an author is able to compare the two unlikely concepts clearly, it can turn into one of the best examples of an extended metaphor, which will not only lend a unique quality to the text but also portray the talent of the artist.

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I have a lot of writing strategies I teach students that help them add an appropriate amount of voice to their expository/.informative writing. One of those tools is to establish a metaphor in their paper's introduction. Their metaphor can then be 1) left alone, 2) extended upon in the essay's body somehow, or 3) extended upon in the essay's conclusion.

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Wild never directly establishes this metaphor:--"The fox was fire."-- but the visuals and the word choice make it clear this is the author's metaphor. As we talk about extended metaphors, here is another fine example of how to integrate a well-established metaphor into a piece of writing. Like "If Cornered, Scream," the author here does a fine job with interesting word choices to keep re-igniting the metaphor that's been established. "If your metaphor is good enough," one of my students observed this year, "you can keep it going for the whole story."

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A final mentor text suggestion that uses an extended metaphor: A mentor text can show students how to think about language choices in their own stories. by Margaret Wild is a wonderful (though a bit dark) allegory with a visual metaphor that is complemented by the language of the story. Allegory for what? I'm still not 100% sure, but my students and I talk about this book in great depth. Some think it's an allegory for good and evil; others think it's an allegory for a specific friendship that broke apart. On day one, we like to discuss these questions: 1) What kind of person does Magpie remind you of? 2) What kind of person would be like Dog? 3) Do you believe there are real Foxes in the world, like in this story?

I mean, O.K., his stats are pretty good.

My lesson's mentor text: "" by Patricia J. Thurmond. A vignette is a scene from a bigger story that is confined to one setting, and this story almost fits that description. You can find vignettes in larger pieces of text but rarely do they stand on their own. This mentor text comes close. ALSO...there is a nicely establish extended metaphor that involves a ship and the sea; I'll let you find it because it's a cool little writing strategy, and I'll let you spot the different places the ship/sea ideas even though this story is no where near the ocean and involves no ship. I hope I am not violating anyone's copyright by linking to the PDF I found through Google; I see the copyright statement intact, so I feel okay linking to this other site.