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In Hamlet, the ghost is a symbol of Hamlet’s father who is killed by Claudius.

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The ghost may also be considered the bringer of death and she is not ready for it.

The "ghost hunt" originated in the 1800's.

“From its emotionally intricate first paragraph, Suzanne Berne's The Ghost at the Table is a crash course in sibling rivalry, with its cutthroat dueling for dominance and parental love. . . . The intersection of memory and morality is where this compelling novel makes its home.” —O: The Oprah Magazine

To most people’s shock, most celebrities have experienced a ghost encounter in their life.

Others such as Robert West maintain that the ghost is neither from heaven or hell, but was written to be purposefully confusing so that any audience member could think of the ghost in many different ways....

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Hamlet has been affected by the Ghost's command and his situation has been shifted from the psychological disorder situation before discovering the truth of the crime to accept the reality of the world around hi...

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May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.’ In my coursework I am going to analyse what Charles Dickens’ ‘Ghost of an Idea’ is and how the idea is portrayed at the beginning of Stave 1.

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Throughout the books Aeneas is a truly ‘haunted’ individual faced with ghost, gods and even fate itself all of which attempt to prompt and govern his choices.

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The Ghost of Hamlet's father commanded his son to do the act of revenge from his uncle the King of Denmark the killer of his father and the husband of his mother.

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After Christopher Bruce received a letter from a widow of a Chilean folk singer who had been murdered the very inspirational and symbolic ‘Ghost Dances’ work came about....

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One of his short stories, "The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship", published in 1972, is in a book called A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes that was published in 1991.

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Yet behind these weathered boards, shards of broken glass, remnants of a time long past lies more than a mere town, or what is known to most as a ghost town....