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Orwell wrote hundreds of essays, book reviews, and editorials during his lifetime. His insights into , literature, and politics—in particular , , and —have continued to be influential decades after his death. Several of these were published in collections during his life— by his original publisher in 1940, and Critical Essays by in 1946. The latter press also published the collections Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays in 1950 and England Your England and Other Essays in 1953.

Inside the Whale and Other Essays is a book of essays written by George Orwell in 1940

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Eric Blair became George Orwell in , while the author was writing for the , and living in , while working as a schoolmaster. He adopted a pen name in order not to embarrass his parents with . He considered such possible pseudonyms as "Kenneth Miles" and "H. Lewis Allways" before settling on a name that stressed his lifelong affection for the English tradition and countryside: George is the patron saint of England (and was monarch at the time), while the in was one of his most beloved English sites. Blair also thought that a last name begining with the letter "O" would best position his books on bookseller's shelves.

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Since his death, many collections of essays have appeared, with the first attempt at a comprehensive collection being the four-volume Collected Essays, Letters and Journalism of George Orwell edited by and , which was published by Secker and Warburg and in 1968–1970. Peter Davison of spent 17 years researching and correcting the entirety of Orwell's works with Angus and Stella Davison and devoted the last eleven volumes of the twenty-volume series The Complete Works of George Orwell to essays, letters, and journal entries. The entire series was initially printed by Secker and Warburg in 1986, finished by in 1998, and revised between 2000 and 2002.

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