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Gender roles are one of the most dangerous roles that society faces today.

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Through use of the survey and my own personal history dealing with gender stereotyping I think I can give a clear idea as to how stereotypes envelope our society, and how people and breaking free from those stereotypes to be more individualistic.

The !Kung are an egalitarian society, meaning everyone has access to the valued resources.

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And the single book which has helped him to launch his "revolution" is the classic, Things Fall Apart. The focus of this essay includes: 1) Achebe's portraiture of women in his fictional universe, the existing sociocultural situation of the period he is depicting, and the factors in it that condition male attitudes towards women; 2) the consequences of the absence of a moderating female principle in his fictions; 3) Achebe's progressively changing attitude towards women s roles; and 4) feminist prospects for African women....

For an example of women defying ascribed gender stereotypes the movie “G.I.

Gender roles are the types of social roles, the set of expected patterns of behavior (or rules) for people of a particular sex (more often social sex or gender), representatives of a particular sexual orientation. A role in social psychology is defined as the set of rules that determine how people should behave in a given social position.

In different culture the men and women have a variety of roles cut out for them, none are quite the same.

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Gender stereotyping is important and necessary in order for society to identify who they are and who others are, and is not meant as a way to segregate groups, but to make groups more defined.

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In conclusion stereotyping, despite the control it has over people and the way they see other people of the same and opposite gender, and as well as how they see themselves, it seems to be a necessary component of society.

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However they also admitted to using stereotypes when classifying men and women into categories, which raises the question of whether or not our society can exist without stereotypes, or are they necessary even if they don’t apply for the sole purpose of categorizing people.

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Questions eight and nine were designed to incorporate stereotypical gender roles with non-stereotypical gender roles of the same sex and see if that changed the participants viewpoint on a gender’s sexual orientation.

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Taking a look at women and stereotyping their actions is just as easy as with men, but women just like men are straying from these stereotypes and taking on gender identities of the opposite sex.

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This means different societies and cultures may produce children and later, grown men and women, who have quite different views of a man or a woman's place in the world around them, often determined by their culture's gender stereotypes.

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Intriguingly enough, despite the customary submissive role, women had a more multifaceted role and image in society as juxtaposed with the rather simple role men played....