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What creates and maintains significant gender inequality when it comes to decision making.

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Pre-Revolution, Cuban women had tradition roles like any other Latin American countries such as social inequalities, gender gap, subordination and oppression, and wage differences.

Moreover, the essay will briefly elaborate on the term gender and what constitute gender bias.

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In particular, one of the challenges is resolving the inequalities that are reinforced by male and female gender norms.

I certainly called mystudents' attention, in twenty nine years of teaching socialstratification and other subjects in which inequality matters, tothe fact that everybody's lives are affected by class, gender andrace/ethnic structures (in addition to age and other sources ofinequality).

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced by the parliament to reduce inequalities among people from all backgrounds, genders, religion and so on....

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When someone is asked about gender inequalities, the response usually mentions something about the disadvantages women receive at the hands of a patriarchal society.

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Intersectionality in itself, as an account of themultiplicity of locations effecting individuals experiences, or asa study of the patterned variations in the identities individualsclaim for themselves regardless of those locations, cannot explaineither the sources of inequalities or their reproduction over time;intersectionality must be placed in the "institutional bases ofpower shaping race, class and gender" (Collins, 1997: 74).

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The fact that textbooks show males as being more successful than females, that teachers set assignments which reinforce gender stereotypes and sex roles, the fact that "masculine" behaviour is reinforced while "feminine" behaviour is condemned, and the fact that women
are encouraged to choose certain career paths all validate the claim that the
gender inequality in employment situations can be directly related to the way
that children are educated.

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A patriarchal society can be clearly seen from the gender inequality in the labour force which is paid labour and also in unpaid labour which occurs in the household.

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