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The only structure where gender balance and equality is perfectly fulfilled is in true marriage.

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There is no equality for anybody to be found by undermining marriage and family, it is found by strengthening, honoring, protecting and upholding these foundational institutions.

Legalising same-sex "marriage" will normalize and promote homosexual sex acts (anal sex and other unnatural and dangerous sex acts common in homosexual communities) in our society and in schools across our nation.

Conservatives say marriage equality and health-care laws threaten their religious freedom. Should they be exempt?

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If we dismantle this foundation we dismantle much of what is good in our nation.

The future of marriage depends on citizens understanding what marriage is and why it matters and then speaking up boldly and insisting that government policies support, not undermine, true marriage.

This site aims to assist you to investigate the same-sex marriage issue and to then defend true marriage and true family, before we lose them.

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This extreme-left movement will not stop at this.

The movement to pretend that marriage can be whatever "modern" man says it can be is grounded on the selfish lusts and desires of power hungry adults, the ideologies of politics, the fear of weak politicians, the fully-left media and the well-funded (with your tax dollars) militant homosexual activist movement.

This site seeks to compile articles, quotes, resources and arguments to expose the mass deception called "marriage equality," which seeks to destroy our society from the foundations up, and to awaken the silent majority out of their passive slumber, to rise up and defend true marriage and family and protect our society.

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As part of our work to combat the relentless expansion of the criminal justice system, the ACLU works to ensure that LGBT people and people living with HIV/AIDS who have contact with law enforcement are treated fairly and are not singled out for violence or discrimination.