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THESIS STATEMENT: It was primarily through events outside her control and her close relationships that Frida Kahlo had the opportunity to become an artist and it was those events and relationships that became the subject of her legendary artwork.
Background Information
Born July 6, 1907, into a family with 3 other sisters in Coyoacán, Mexico
Goal to become doctor
Guillermo Kahlo/Matilde Calderón contributed to her life as an artist, unintentionally.
First time she painted after accident
Died on July 13, 1954 in Coyoacán, Mexico
Her Love, Diego Rivera
Met while she was in the preparatioria and he was painting
The Creation
Wanted her to wear and paint more traditionally
Struggles in Frida Kahlo's Life
Polio age 6
Bus accident age 18
Kahlo and Communism
Diego and I, 1949
Frida and Diego River, 1931
Portrait of Diego Rivera, 1937
Mangled Insides and Miscarriages
My Birth, 1932
Henry Ford Hospital, 1932
35+ operations due to accident and polio
She had an abortion after the accident when her health would not permit her to carry a baby
Couple of years later she miscarried
Most Famous Paintings and Paintings That Reflect Her Eventful Life
How did joining the communist league influence her artwork?
Self portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky, 1937
Things to notice:
Red dress
Typical Tehuantepec women dress
Traditional Mexican curtains
Tehuantepec typically dressed woman
Kahlo's trip to the U.S
In order to win back Alex Gómez Arias
-He holds paint pallate, she holds his hand
Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress, 1926
The two Fridas, 1939
During Kahlo and Rivera's divorce
Self portrait on the borderline between Mexico and the U.S., 1932
Time spent in US
-US flag in flames
Without Hope,1945
-after operations when she couldn't eat
Self Portrait With The Portrait of Doctor Farill, 1951
-palate as her heart
-wheel chair
-after spine operations
Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940
It is apparent to the viewer of Kahlo's artwork that her paintings are extremely personal and reflect her most complex inner emotions.
Self Portrait with a portrait of Dr.

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Frida Kahlo met José Bartoli in New York while she was recuperating from spinal surgery stemming from a bus accident in her youth. Their love affair continued after Kahlo returned to Mexico to her beloved home, La Casa Azul, and her husband, artist Diego Rivera. The clandestine correspondence lasted for three years, aided by friends and Kahlo’s sister, Cristina, who had introduced the pair.

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Frida Kahlo Artwork Self-portrait with Monkeys 1943 Structural Frame Colours such as green, purple, orange and white stand out to me.
Different tones are used to add a sense of reality and to make them look 3-D.
Shapes are used in this artwork, to determine where a certain object is.
Lines are used as an outline and as detail in this artwork.
Size of an object tells us how big it is using line and shape.
Texture is used to depict how think or thin the object is.
The direction of the light in this artwork seems to be coming from the top left of the page.

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Subjective and Structural Frame I think Frida has succeeded in communicating her aim because her aim might of been to send a message about her culture and her desire to follow them and the society.
Most of Kahlo's artworks have a similar message;love/marriage, divorce or culture.

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Subjective Frame Some feelings Frida was trying to express is the care she has towards her culture represented as monkeys.
Some characteristics of Frida's surrealistic period were death and her culture and she responded to this by participating in the international exhibition of surrealism.
Frida Kahlo seemed to be influenced by her Mexican culture and Diego Rivera also influenced her imaginative mind as shown by the message of a few art work.
Frida has shown nationalism through her Mexican culture and this was shown through most artworks even this one.

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In the time this portrait was painted, Frida Kahlo accepted a position as a teacher and after her accident, the class was decreased to 4 loyal students.

Analyse Frida Kahlo's paintings to determine how ..

Frida was the daughter of Guillermo Kahlo, a Hungarian Jew and notable Mexican photographer, and Matilde Calderon, who was of Spanish and Indian descent (Taschen, 7).