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The fruit is oval-oblong or round, 5/8 to 1 1/2 in (1.6-4 cm) wide; peel is golden-yellow to reddish-orange, with large, conspicuous oil glands, fleshy, thick, tightly clinging, edible, the outer layer spicy, the inner layer sweet; the pulp is scant, in 3 to 6 segments, not very juicy, acid to subacid; contains small, pointed seeds or sometimes none; they are green within.Kumquats are believed native to China.

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This is the most often cultivated kumquat in the United States.Robert Fortune reported that the 'Nagami' kumquat required a hot summer, ranging from 80º to 100º F (26.67º-37.78º C), but could withstand 10 to 15 degrees of frost without injury.

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This kumquat is the best for eating fresh; is still somewhat rare in the United States.'Nagami', or Oval, Kumquat ( Swing.)–plants introduced from China into London in 1846 by Robert Fortune, plant explorer for the Royal Horticultural Society; was reported in North America in 1850; introduced into Florida from Japan by Glen St.

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