Modern civilization has changed the type of food people intake.

The vice president of the United States does not consider food safety important.

In fact, everyone has their own unique favorite foods and drinks.

In this documentary ethos, logos, and pathos is used to persuade his audience, narrate the industrial production of meat (chicken, beef, and pork), grains and vegetables (corn and soybeans), and lastly the major food corporations involved....

Cross Contamination may affect you in life and in the food industry.

This documentary is a powerful, startling indictment of industrial food production, revealing the truths about what we eat, how it is produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going from here.

MAP completes these purposes by following three simple principles: 1. It reduces undesirable physiological, chemical/biochemical, and physical changes in foods, 2. It controls microbial growth and, 3. It prevents product contamination....

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Its main goal is to ensure knowledge of products and protection to every citizen that range from atmospheric hazards to the medicine and food consumed in the United States.

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This despite the fact that under the Food & Safety Act the department has full authority to destroy the contaminated items on the spot at its discretion.

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Research shows that food irradiation can reduce or eliminate harmful pathogens and bacteria in our food, thus reducing, or even stopping the spread of foodborne illnesses....

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The FDA regulates food, prescription and over the counter drugs, cosmetics, veterinary and tobacco products, vaccines, electronics such as those that give off radiation as well as x-ray machines, and medical devices.

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If rats’ immune systems become compromised after eating GM foods, humans, who have been ingesting these foods for about two decades should be able to make informed decisions to prevent any health issues from arising....

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Giuseppe Nacci, an Italian physician published an article in the Gerson Institute Newsletter, which brought to light that “genetically modified foods disrupts the body’s ability to fight disease.

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There are many entities included in the food system those being consumers, food processing companies, third parties, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Drug Association (USDA).