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What are some of the best fonts for essay, report and general work writing ..

Best Fonts To Use For Essays ..

As a general rule, most professional applications will require 12pt fonts. Unfortunately, this does not cover all possible uses. If you're writing a blog or website that may be read on a mobile device, you might want to opt for a larger font.

This is a very tricky choice to make, because there are so many schools of thought on the proper font size for papers or blogs.

Is Arial an acceptable font for a college essay

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Choosing a font size is also important when you're limited to a certain number of pages for a paper or blog. Usually, if you're not using too many headlines and/or paragraphs, you can fit 500 words or so per page using, for example, an 11pt Calibri font. Switch that up to 12pt and you've gone into 2 pages.

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Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used word processing programs in the world, and it offers an enormous variety of formatting tools to help you make your paper look perfect and more importantly, help you create something that will impress your instructors or coworkers.

Best font to use for research paper

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