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Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, says he wants Florida’s high school students to get community service credit for Bright Futures scholarships by working on political campaigns and doing business internships to make the state’s policy uniform. He has filed a bill that would redefine the requirements.

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This waiver is authorized for non-resident students who meet the eligibility requirements listed below. Undocumented students, including students who have received deferred action (DACA), may qualify for this waiver. The approval of this waiver does NOT imply eligibility to financial assistance from the University, the state, or the federal government nor does it constitute a permanent designation as a Florida Resident for tuition paying purposes and does NOT qualify the student for such designation in the future.

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Florida Gulf Coast University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers numerous scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students. We suggest applying to the University early as our scholarships are competitive and most are awarded early in the admission cycle. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee a scholarship. Additional scholarships are available through the Office of Financial Aid, who administers the Foundation Scholarships (March 1st deadline):

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