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Abstract: The decisions which have the most negative impact on investment results tend to be associated with capitulating on a good strategy after a stretch of bad performance. In fact, capitulation can evolve into a pattern of selling low and buying high as the investor seeks to recoup foregone returns.

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While today’s teenagers are readily acknowledged trend setters, texting and tweeting their way into the 21st century long before most Americans realized that you could communicate with your thumbs or in 140 characters, teenage fads are not new. They were not even new in the 1950s, when the iconic bobby soxer attracted national attention.

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This digest contains a wide variety of the freshest source material dealing with current trends, opinion, news, legislative action, investments, marketing, sales, consulting, and legal issues regarding 401k, 403(b) and other retirement plans. Each listing contains a headline (hyperlinked to the source document), description, source of the item, and the month and year posted to this digest.

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Spotting trends can put your business in the money for the long haul.

When I was reporting on marketing to teenager several years ago, companies were using a range of tactics and platforms: word of mouth, street teams, old-fashioned advertising, videos, television, billboards, and starting to use chat rooms seriously. They were selling belly-revealing shirts, and the watch words were viral and peer-to-peer marketing.

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“The leading firms in the established technology remain financially strong until the disruptive technology is, in fact, in the midst of their mainstream market.”But, actually, between 1962 and 1979 Bucyrus’s sales grew sevenfold and its profits grew twenty-five-fold.

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Abstract: Plan sponsors have increasingly focused on finding low-cost investments and more transparent fee structures for their retirement plans, in part due to the increasing number of headlines related to fee-based litigation issues. This paper provides an overview of and trends surrounding CITs, and outlines what plan sponsors should consider when looking at adding CITs to their plan lineup.

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Abstract: The poster child for bad 401k regulation is the ERISA participant disclosure rules. The disclosures need to be more streamlined and easier for 401k plans to deliver using modern technology. Article analyses the issue.