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The Faith & Reason Essay Contest is open to all incoming freshmen at Thomas More College.

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At that time Emerson had no sufficient reason to believe that he could establish himself as the most notable that he would eventually become ~ some years later.
An Emerson scholar named Alfred Riggs Ferguson has suggested that by "doffing the decent black of the pastor, he was free to choose the gown of the lecturer and teacher, of the thinker not confined within the limits of an institution or a tradition." This, later, Emerson has been described by Lawrence Buell in a prize-winning major biography, published to coincide with the two hundredth anniversary of Emerson's birth by a press affiliated with Harvard University, as having become "the leading voice of intellectual culture in the United States"!

Emerson's principled Testament of Faith of 1832, associated as it would have been with a significant loss of worldly security consequent to his resignation, surely stands in contrast to the Agnosticism and Atheism so widespread today.

He nevertheless persisted as a person-of-faith holding sincere spiritual beliefs!

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The contest, which is a part of the President's Interfaith and Community Service Challenge, selected students who addressed ways the university's Jesuit values affect their respective faith backgrounds and community involvement in their submissions.

Even more problematic than defining faith, personally, is the justification of the leap of faith inherent in the notion of faithfulness.

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Our faith is always tested when there is a hard theological decision to make or somebody else trying to break your bold with God.

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An associated press release listed the interviewees as: Francis Collins - director of the Human GenomeProject at the National Institutes of Health and self-described "seriousChristian;" Father George Coyne - Jesuit priest, astronomer and Director ofthe Vatican Observatory; Robert Russell - physicist, theologian, Directorof the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences; Paul Davies -physicist and author of "The Mind of God"; Steven Weinberg - theoreticalphysicist and Nobel laureate; Arthur Peacocke - evolutionary biologist andAnglican priest; Nancey Murphy - Christian philosopher; Richard Dawkins -evolutionary biologist; Ted Peters - Lutheran theologian; and Charles Birch- one of the founders of modern ecology.

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I don’t agree with sentiments like “We deserve to be destroyed because we are the oppressors.” That reminds me of Nietzsche’s views about the ways the gods were once reflections of the strength and power of a people, and how Christianity has a skinny, gother-than-thou god nailed to a cross.

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Despite the fact that World Faith Teachings, (and Great Poets), can be shown to value "Inspiration" over "Thought" agnostics and atheists often seem to be totally "Intellectually Convinced" of the reasonableness of their own positions!!!

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