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Interview a Friend
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Research and Writing
Simple Interview assignment template for use with Draft:Builder and Write:OutLoud. Take notes in Draft:Builder as you interview a friend. Use your notes to write a first draft of an article about your friend. Then, send your draft to Write:OutLoud to get it ready to publish.
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And methinks he should have let Homer and his wars of Troy alone, since his great zeal to truth or monarchy carried him to such a pitch of transport against philosophers and poets, that he tells us in his preface, that “there are too many in these days, who please themselves in running after the opinions of philosophers and poets, to find out such an original of government, as might promise them some title to liberty, to the great scandal of christianity, and bringing in of atheism.” And yet these heathens, philosopher Aristotle, and poet Homer, are not rejected by our zealous christian politician, whenever they offer any thing that seems to serve his turn; whether “to the great scandal of christianity and bringing in of atheism,” let him look. This I cannot but observe, in authors who it is visible write not for truth, how ready zeal for interest and party is to entitle christianity to their designs, and to charge atheism on those who will not without examining submit to their doctrines, and blindly swallow their nonsense.

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Ancient Egypt Comprehension
Author: Don Johnston Incorporated
Ancient Egypt comprehension assignment for use with Write:OutLoud. Show understanding of facts about Ancient Egypt. Choose the right answers from the Help Box. Use the Write More feature to add one more fact you learned about Pyramids and Tombs.
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Ancient Egypt Pyramids
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A moderately scaffolded assignment on Pyramids and Tombs using Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder and Write:OutLoud. Highlights areas in the text where specific information is located for a subtopic.
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Ancient Egypt Write:OutLoud
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Ancient Egypt assignment for use with Write:OutLoud. Edit adjectives in sentences. Use the Mark for Deletion tool to cross out adjectives and replace with new adjectives.
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Biography Book Report
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Reading and Writing
Biography Book Report assignment sample for use with Write:OutLoud. Locked text gives learners directions for writing a Biography Book Report. Change or remove book-specific information from the sample to create a template for use with any Biography.
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Social Studies Continents
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Social Studies Worksheet or Quiz
Sample assignment template for use with Write:OutLoud. Shows how locked text can be used to create study guides, worksheets, quizzes or tests in the content areas.
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