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Having worked with senior IB examiners to publish our proprietary study guides and workbooks, our experienced IB tutors will help you through this challenging and rewarding journey. As well as past paper drilling, the teaching of concepts and coaching on winning exam techniques, we will guide you through internal assessments (IA)/subject exploration, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE).

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Career goals are set to fulfill and to accomplish desired objectives. By writing this
essay, one can become more familiar with the process in becoming a Dallas Police
Officer. Understand the process also means one must attend college and have a minimum
of 45 credits with a C average or greater. Also, when one gets in contact with a police
recruiter, the officer will explain that one must attend a police academy for a period of 32
weeks. Ways in which one could accomplish the requirements set forth by the Dallas
Police Department, what benefits they offer, and an alternative plan if criminal justice
First, to become a Dallas police officer it is mandatory to have a minimum of 45
semester credit hours with a C average or higher from a community college. Having that
in mind, one must enroll at a community college and plan the classes that would be
beneficial for the career. Although, when calling a Dallas police recruiter, he will explain
that there is no certain courses that need to be taken in college in order to be an officer of
the law. One would recommended that a couple of criminal justice courses be taken. One
could conclude that when getting into a criminal justice career such as a police officer that
it would be beneficial to have taken criminal justice courses. Also enroll in as many
courses as possible if the 45 semester credits hours are to be completed quickly. Keep in
mind that the police requires that you get a C average or greater.
Second, it is mandatory that you complete the police academy which last for a
period of 32 weeks. At the academy one will participate in an intensive training program
which exceeds the minimum standards set forth by the Texas Commission on Law
Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Among the topical areas of study and
training are criminal law, firearms training, police vehicle op

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