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Reading is one step many writers point to as an integral step in learning to write effectively. You may like Harry Potter books or be a Twilight fan, but if you want to write effectively in business, you need to read business-related documents. These can include letters, reports, business proposals, and business plans. You may find these where you work or in your school’s writing center, business department, or library; there are also many Web sites that provide sample business documents of all kinds. Your reading should also include publications in the industry where you work or plan to work, such as , , , , or , to name just a few. You can also gain an advantage by reading publications in fields other than your chosen one; often reading outside your niche can enhance your versatility and help you learn how other people express similar concepts. Finally, don’t neglect general media like the business section of your local newspaper, and national publications like the , , and the . Reading is one of the most useful lifelong habits you can practice to boost your business communication skills.

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Some written business communication allows for a choice between direct and indirect formats, but memorandums are always direct. The purpose is clearly announced.

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In the “real world” when you are under a deadline and production is paramount, you’ll be rushed and may lack the time to do adequate background reading for a particular assignment. For now, take advantage of your business communication course by exploring common business documents you may be called on to write, contribute to, or play a role in drafting. Some documents have a degree of formula to them, and your familiarity with them will reduce your preparation and production time while increasing your effectiveness. As you read similar documents, take notes on what you observe. As you read several sales letters, you may observe several patterns that can serve you well later on when it’s your turn. These patterns are often called , or conventional language patterns for a specific genre.

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Text messages and e-mails are part of our communication landscape, and skilled business communicators consider them a valuable tool to connect. refers to etiquette, or protocols and norms for communication, on the Internet.

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Students will develop personal skills through a variety of software applications. Practice will include the integration of word processing, database management, spreadsheets, and graphics. While doing hands-on applications related to business, school, and personal use, students will demonstrate the use of technology as a problem-solving tool.

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Intro to Business addresses fundamentals such as economic, legal and social foundations of business as well as starting a business, marketing products and services, financing operations, managing and making difficult business decisions. Students are introduced to the inter-relationships of business, government and society; the roles of businesses and members of the business community; ethics and social responsibility; and employment opportunities in various business fields.

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E-mails may be informal in personal contexts, but business communication requires attention to detail, awareness that your e-mail reflects you and your company, and a professional tone so that it may be forwarded to any third party if needed. E-mail often serves to exchange information within organizations. Although e-mail may have an informal feel, remember that when used for business, it needs to convey professionalism and respect. Never write or send anything that you wouldn’t want read in public or in front of your company president.

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Ethos refers to credibility, pathos to passion and enthusiasm, and logos to logic or reason. All three elements are integral parts of your business proposal that require your attention. Who are you and why should we do business with you? Your credibility may be unknown to the potential client and it is your job to reference previous clients, demonstrate order fulfillment, and clearly show that your product or service is offered by a credible organization. By association, if your organization is credible the product or service is often thought to be more credible.