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This 8 page paper considers the issue of euthanasia from utilitarian and libertarian perspectives. The concept of euthanasia, also called the right to "death with dignity," is based in the belief in the right to personal choice and the freedom of decision-making when personal decisions do not harm others. The call for support for physician's assisted suicide came as a result of the need for a compassionate response to those who are terminally ill. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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A 3 page paper discussing the case of Baby Rena, whose foster parents insisted on extreme measures to prevent her death even though it was well past time to let her go. Author and theologian Vigen Guroian is highly opposed to euthanasia, though he is not opposed to allowing a person � any person � to die with dignity. For Guroian, dying with dignity does not include pursuing every heroic attempt to apply every known technological tool in seeking to prolong life. Rather, dying with dignity can and often does include being allowed to die from the patient perspective. Though Guroian is vehemently opposed to active euthanasia, he believes that Baby Rena would have been better served had she been allowed to die in peace and with dignity. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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This 10 page paper considers the issues for and against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Two cases studies are used, which concentrate on the Netherlands and the State of Oregon with its� recent �Death With Dignity Act�. Issues such as the right of choice and dignity, religious morals, families, the misuse of the laws, murder and mental illness are all considered, including factual information on which the arguments are based. The bibliography cites nine sources.

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