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Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity

Ethnic groups discrimination essay

It is a well documented fact; ethnic discrimination has been a contentious issue in most nations groups. In essence, ethnic discrimination is an unequal treatment given to people based on the fact; the group of people belongs to a certain ethnic group. In this regard, researchers argue that, ethnic discrimination is the creation of offensive environment that if not handled with care can result to unequal treatments among other unfair treatments (Lentin 3). It is with no doubt; ethnic discrimination is critical social issue. With this in mind, this paper seeks to analyze how ethnic discrimination maintains division of labor and racial/ethnic stratification in addition; discuss how American history X movie has provided examples of racial discrimination and racial/ethnic stratification.

Discrimination may be between individuals or groups of a different race, tribe, ethnic group or background.

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Anger at those responsible for the tragic events of September 11 should not be misdirected against innocent individuals because of their religion, ethnicity, or country of origin. Employers and labor unions have a special role in guarding against unlawful workplace discrimination.

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In conjunction with this, it is important noting that, ethnic discrimination maintains both racial and ethnic stratification. According to Firth (3), stratification is the hierarchy position in regard to economic production that influences social rewards to people in positions. Ethnic discrimination may emanate in conflicts that occur between different classes of people, for upper classes using superior power to acquire largest share of social resources to their ethnic groups. As a result, this deters equal distribution of resources. Additionally, racism is the systematic practice which through discrimination involves denying people their rights and resources due to racial differences. As a result, this affects every aspect of the society in the sense that, the less economically disadvantage groups suffer from unfair treatment from the advantageous countries. Ethnic discrimination maintains racism due to; the belief that an individual is less advantage because of language customs, place of birth and skin color or any factor that reveals the basic nature of the person. The best example is of Blacks who are seen by racists as subhuman more like beasts and a time considered being evil. All these arguments are based on ethnic discrimination which affects ethnic groups in dealing with others.

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