The underlying ethical principles are autonomy and fidelity.

An example of this would be a nurse carrying out appropriate doctor's orders as ordered.

Also, a nursehas the ethical obligation to never stop learning.

"The nurse assumes accountability and responsibility for individual nursing
judgments and actions." If a nurse makes a medication error, not only does
he have a legal obligation to report that error, but according to the above
statement, he has an ethical obligation as well.

The nurse functioned according to the standards of care and no civil wrong was committed.

Teaching is a very big part of a nurses role.

The paper will discuss: the history of ethics, definition, doctor/nurse being education about ethics in college, code of ethics, futile care and the confusion with DNR orders....

Intensive Care Nurses play a vital role in the care of many of these patients.

In the clinical setting nurses have a lot of responsibilities while caring for an ill patient, they have the obligation to practice their profession with compassion, love, and respect the uniqueness of each patient, as nurses we are not supposed to deny care to a patient because of their economic status, their skin color,...

Another way to participatein improving nursing as a profession is to become politically involved.

Palliative care is an extremely important aspect of nursing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines paediatric palliative care as palliative care is the attempt to improve the quality of life in patients who are facing life-threatening illnesses and family members through the prevention and relief of suffering with early detection and treatment of pain, physical, psychosocial, or spiritual (Liben, Wolfe & Papadatou, 2008, p....

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Therefore, each nurse shall continue his or
her education by attending in services, seminars, or earning "X" amount of
continuing education points per year.

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(6) "The nurse exercises informed judgment
and uses individual competence and qualification as criteria in seeking consultation,
accepting responsibilities, and delegating nursing activities to others."
In a nutshell, a nurse needs to know his scope of practice within the state
in which he works.

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Al (2011)The independent variable: Aging in place(AIP) model of care that combines home care services and Registered nurse (RN) care coordination in two independent congregate senior housing buildings.

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"The nurse participates in activities that contribute to the ongoing development
of the profession's body of knowledge." When some people first read this statement,
they may think that it is in regards to being involved in professional organizations.

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Nurses can greatly contribute to the profession's
knowledge by reading nursing journals and implementing the findings or interventions
that are shown to be positive to the patient or the profession.