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The ANACode of Ethics are guidelines to help a nurse determine which course of actionto take.

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Objectives: Assignment one:
After successfully completing this assignment students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia 2. Apply published theory to case situations. 3. Synthesise published material with the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate conclusions. 4. Demonstrate professional communication in the accepted form of an Academic Assignment.

Areas of nursing practice that require incorporating ethics and values include: patient care, medication administration and teaching....

topic of this essay theory of nursing is explained and the ..

Ethical committees allow these nurses to voice their concerns and share with
the other people of the committee potential ethical dilemmas in the hospital.

See also the links to specific codes of ethicsfrom various professional societies that are included in the text in this essay.

A typical whistle-blower statute (e.g., 5 USC § 1213)is designed to protect employees who report:While such statutes serve an important and vital purpose, the topic of thisessay is limited to discussing freedom of learned professionals,specifically the right of a professional to object to– and to refuse to do – an ethical act.

As stated  in this essay,there is case law in the USA forrecognizing ethical codes of professional societies.

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A nurse may also be faced with an action that may be ethical but not legal, such as allowing a cancer patient to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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This essay will discuss the core values of responsible nursing practice and code of ethics in relation to the young patient who is suffering from paraplegia....

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Situations requiring nurses to make an ethical decision are diverse and dynamic; the values set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario code of ethics remains the same.

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In the next section is
a real life case study about how a nurse with a special interest in ethics
dealt with an ethical dilemma about HIV and confidentiality in a prominent
Philadelphia hospital.

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(3) "The nurse must safeguard the client and public
when health care and safety are affected by the incompetent, unethical, or
illegal practice of any person." Under this ethical statement a nurse has
the duty to report cases of child abuse, domestic abuse, or any act of negligence
or incompetence by another health care worker.

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There is a systematic approach (Nurses Legal Handbook, 2004) to
help determine whether or not to report on a colleague, and if so, how to do
so in an ethical manner.

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"The nurse assumes accountability and responsibility for individual nursing
judgments and actions." If a nurse makes a medication error, not only does
he have a legal obligation to report that error, but according to the above
statement, he has an ethical obligation as well.