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- A Man Said to the Universe Research Paper delves into a story by Stephen Crane that relates man and universe and how they fit into their cosmic roles.


– Fictional characters or events in a historical setting.

- Last of the Mohicans analysis essays discuss the historical novel, by James Fenimore Cooper, that provides a glimpse into the battles fought along the American frontier during the French and Indian War.

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– Though Othello is an outsider, in that he is not a native of Venice and his skin color is different, he nonetheless is valued because of his military expertise.

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- Darcy is the second most important character in the novel.

– Gilgamesh research papers show the Sumerians were a complex and advanced civilization when other human societies struggled in primitive barbarism.Â

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– This term paper on Foucault challenges on of the central assumptions that has long defined an important part of our understanding of literature, namely, the belief that an individual author single-handedly creates a literary text and its meanings.

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– Though term papers on Goethe’s Faust also encompasses these ideas, it adds an additional element that is not thoroughly addressed in any of the previous treatments of this story, namely, that of love.

- Freedom in Huckleberry Finn essays show that the motif is twofold.

- Diary of a Madman Research Paper looks at a story by Lu Xun allows the reader to recognize the oppressive elements of the Chinese Confucian culture.

- In Huckleberry Finn there are four social classes.

– Gilgamesh and Religion research papers state that one of the universal aspects of Gilgamesh is that it is strongly laden with religious motifs.

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– As one of the most prolific writers of the 19th century, Fyodor Dostoevsky incorporates a number of complex symbols into his writing, each of which has the ability to represent a number of deep political, social, and religious issues.

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– In this poem, the unknown author uses courtliness and chivalry to reveal the differences between romance and reality, as Gawain’s quest hinges upon the ability of the knight to live up to the ideal.