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There were lots of movies and books were talking about the holocausts and the fighting in battle.

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Simiarily, to the World Memory Project using the Internet to promote the remembrance of the Holocaust people are starting to use forms of social media to spread the word to people.

Winner of the 1998 Egit Prize (Histadrut) for the Best Manuscript on the Holocaust.

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Arieh Lebowitz, Associate Director of Jewish Labor Committee responded to Sonya Brendon of Sydney, Austrailia who questioned the existence of evidence of gas chamber that killed Holocaust victims. His response details documented sources of that evidence.

However, during the Holocaust Jews were not the only targets of discrimination.

This collection of articles represents in great measure the theological response of centrist Jewish Orthodoxy a generation after the Holocaust, and represents a rejection of the “God’s judgment theory.” The book contains a wealth of material, some of them classic pieces long unavailable and many written for this volume by distinguished Jewish Orthodox thinkers.

The Holocaust was a horrible time in history and it should not be forgotten.

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Denying that the Holocaust happened should be illegal because it affected millions of people, there are facts to back it up, and learning about the Holocaust will help prevent it from happening again....

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Sadly, her story is but one of many of those who died in the Holocaust and as with other Jews, her fate was determined by the country she lived in, her sex and her age....

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However, the tranquility of the Frank family and 522,000 others’ in her same situation would soon be shattered by one of the most nefarious events in all of Europe’s history, the Holocaust....

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From the MENU choose ID CARD. Type in the following numbers to read about the experience of Polish people who were persecuted during the Holocaust: 6233; 4274; 2361; 6793; 4554; 5974; 4902; 2514; 6255; 6241; 1741; 4464, 6864; 6852; 6826; 6814; 2004; 5986; 1106.

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The story leading up to the Holocaust, how the terrible event affected people’s lives, and how it came to and end are all topics that make this historic event worth learning about....

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Although Hitler rose to power in 1933, some would argue that the Holocaust did not really begin until 1935, when the first of the Nuremberg Race Laws were passed.

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The Holocaust, defined as “the systematic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime,” began with the rise of Nazi Germany (“A Historical Summary”).