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History of the Wild Mustangs in America

These efforts include the development of water sources on the open ranges to better facilitate rangeland use by wild horses and all those who use public lands. The NMA also donated thousands of dollars to the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service to improve the grazing conditions in designated wild horse management areas. And to ensure equal consideration of the welfare of Mustangs when formulating policy, our board members serve on Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) committees and public lands advisory boards.

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History of the Wild Mustangs in America - The Horse …

To maintain the ecological balance of America's rangeland, the National Mustang Association works closely with the Bureau of Land Management to help expedite the adoption of excess wild horses.

Most Mustangs in the wild are only getting about six pounds of food per day and only ..

In addition, the rangelands where Mustangs roam free have come under heavy attack by some who feel their personal survival is threatened as well as those who feel the wild horse is interfering with the grazing 'rights' of other types of animals on those same lands.

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