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Racism is spread by way of individuals as well as organized groups. In 2003, there were more than 751 hate groups active in the United States. These groups and individuals make no attempt to understand those of minority races. Instead, they hang on to embedded and destructive ideas of whites as the superior race. These ideas destroy attempts to bond communities, work environments, and society in general. In spite of , they still prevent America from making the progress needed to truly evolve into the humane and loving country it reports to be.

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Since I began asking people to share their thoughts about race, ethnicity and cultural identity, thousands of submissions have poured in from the web, by mail, by hand and via Twitter. Spend some time scrolling through the Race Card wall. Click through to read some of the stories behind the six-word submissions. Send in your own six-word essay. Share this with your friends. Join the conversation.

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Short Essay: Central questions to which you should respond: What are the historical origins of the idea of race? How have the idea of race and the practice of racism changed over time?

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