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The volume includes contributions by David Bindman (Preface); Frédéric Ogée ("From text to image: William Hogarth and the emergence of a visual culture in eighteenth-century England"; "Je-sais-quoi: William Hogarth and the representation of the forms of life"); Peter Wagner ("Hogarthian frames: The 'new' eighteenth-century aesthetics'"; "Representations of time in Hogarth's paintings and engravings"); John Bender ("Matters of fact: virtual witnessing and the public in Hogarth's narratives"); Michel Baridon ("Hogarth's 'living machines of nature' and the theorisation of aesthetics"); Sean Shesgreen ("William Hogarth's Enraged Musician and the Cries of London"); Mark Hallett ("The view across the city: William Hogarth and the visual culture of eighteenth-century London"); Diana Donald ("This truly natural and faithful painter': Hogarth's depiction of modern life"); Werner Busch ("Hogarth's Marriage A-la-Mode: the dialectic between precision and ambiguity"); David H.

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Related pages include information on William Hogarth's gold admission ticket to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; The Bad Taste of the Town; A Rake's Progress, plate 8; Characters and Caricaturas; an unfinished proof engraving of Gulielmus Hogarth; Plate II of Marriage A-la-Mode, and The Idle 'Prentice betrayed by his Whore and taken in a night cellar with his accomplice, illustrating different stages in the creative process involved in making one of the twelve prints in Hogarth's series, Industry and Idleness.

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* * *Kate Lonas, "William Hogarth's Old Masters: Absent Adversaries".Online essay primarily dealing with Hogarth's self-portrait of 1745; the satirical details in Taste in High Life; and the Old Master pictures within the pictures of the Marriage A-la-Mode series.

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* * *George Augustus Sala, William Hogarth: Painter, Engraver and Philosopher, Essays on the Man, the Work, and the Time (London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1866).Collects the rather colourful articles which were first published in The Cornhill Magazine, I and II (February-October 1860).

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Baldwin Brown, William Hogarth (London: The Walter Scott Publishing Co., 1905).217-page study on Hogarth's life and art from a sociocultural and art historical point of view, stressing his technical skill as a painter, and his originality.

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Includes a biographical essay, many illustrations and detailed Italian commentaries on Hogarth's works.* * *William Hogarth: Nationalism, Mass Media and the Artist, exh.

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1763 and unpublished parts of the Analysis text.* * *Ronald Paulson (ed.), William Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1997.A new edition of the complete text of the Analysis of Beauty with Paulson's notes and introduction, supplying a good deal more annotation than Burke.

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* * *Aaron Santesso, "William Hogarth and the Tradition of Sexual Scissors", Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, 39 (Summer 1999).Deals with the pair of scissors hanging from Moll Hackabout's belt in A Harlot's Progress, plate 1, and the sexual symbolism of scissors in some other works by Hogarth and in literary contexts.

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* * *Elizabeth Einberg, William Hogarth: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings, New Haven and London: Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art by Yale University Press, 2016.