Tourette Syndrome is one of the more common genetic diseases.

Georges Gilles de la Tourette discovered Tourette’s syndrome, commonly abbreviated as TS.


In the following studies, the various strengths and weaknesses of the language and communication of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) is reviewed and discussed.

This is what life can be like for someone with the disorder Tourette Syndrome.

-- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1997.

People with Tourette Syndrome do tend to present more other Axis 1
disorders than the rest of the normal population not afflicted with the syndrome.
People with Tourette Syndrome are also afflicted with obsessions of
contamination, disease, sexual impulses, self harm, being “just right”, and
Sixty percent of those who are diagnosed as having Tourette Syndrome
will also display some type of learning disorder.

Although it is made fun of in television and movies, Tourette Syndrome is a very serious disorder.

Though psychiatry and biology have been able to recognize roots other than the demonic possession once thought to cause Tourette's, there are few definitive, precise explanations of its etiology....

14p.  A guide to the medications available for Tourette syndrome.

-- Bayside, NY: HBO Family;Tourette Syndrome Association, 2005.

Tourette syndrome was once considered to be a rare a condition that causes a person to make repeated, quick movements or sounds that they cannot control....

Learning with Tourette syndrome / Wilson, Jeni; Shrimpton, Bradley.

Symptoms can disappear for weeks or months at a time.
However if people afflicted with the syndrome try and suppress their tics, they
will re occur with increased ferver.


Individuals with Tourette syndrome have been suffering with tics and tantrums for hundreds of years, but today there are treatments that can help control the symptoms of Tourettes, allowing sufferers to live a normal life.

-- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1995.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that is signified as presenting repetitive stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke [NIH], 2012).

-- Blackburn, Vic.: Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria, 1999.

Address these and other common behavior issues in children with Down syndrome using the author's effective and proactive approach to behavior management.

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Tourette Syndrome was named after a French neuropsychiatrist named Gilles de la Tourette who successfully assessed the disorder in the late 1800’s(3)....

Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia, 2003.

About three-quarters of Tourette Syndrome patients are male.
Males with the disorder have a ninety-nine percent chance of displaying symptoms.
Females, have a seventy percent chance of displaying symptoms.