Television affects the psyche of children and adults differently....

Sander accused television of being both, a producer and amplifier of violence (1997).

This is why I decided to research the history of the television....

39. St. M. Peters, Fitch M., Huston A. C., & Wright J. C., & Eakins D. ( 1991). “Television and families: What do young children watch with their parents?” Child Development, 62, 1409-1423.

One way to reduce the impact of television on children is offering less TV in the home.

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Friedrich-Cofer and Huston (1986) provide a detailed discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of these studies. Also, Wood, Wong & Chachere (1991) also reported the results and meta-analysis of 28 filed experiments that were conducted between 1956 and 1988. “The studies included in this analysis were chosen because they investigated the effects of media violence on aggression among children and adolescents during unconstrained social interaction with strangers, classmates, and friends. Wood and her colleagues concluded that media violence does enhance aggression in such settings and that, because all the experiments involved short-term immediate reactions to observed violence, the effects may be due to temporary changes in affect and arousal as well as to long-term processes like modeling” (Geen, 1994).

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24. Geen, R.G. (1994). “Television and Aggression: Recent Developments in Research and Theory.” In Bryant J, Huston A.C., Zilman D. Media, Children, and the Family: Social Scientific, Psychodynamic, and Clinical Perspectives. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Hillsdale, NJ.

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The Show also has a fantasy story that appeals to children. After watching the show, A child may become bored because the reality of the television show is more Interesting. The child then imitates what was seen on television. This is Where the actual violence may begin. Adult shows and movies that are seen by Children could have even worse effects than children's shows. In one documented Case, a Californian boy that was seven years old watched a movie one night. In The movie, a man put glass into soup that a colleague of his was to eat. The Very next night, the boy put crushed glass into the stew that his family was to Eat for supper.

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In order to acquire indications of this, researchers have relied on post-viewing measures of children's recognition and recall of information from the program....

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He said that he wanted to know if it would do the same thing in Real life that it did on television. The danger with violence on television Begins with imitation and escalates with experimentation. This is an extreme Case, but it is a case. Television violence is a major problem in our society.

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Some people are Working to end it, others are simply ignoring it, hoping that will somehow go Away, and some people are trying to tell America that what a child sees on TV Will not affect him. We must work to eliminate the problem now. Watching Cartoons on television may not make him grow up to be a cold-blooded murderer, But the total impact of witnessing repeated acts of violence may slowly cause Our society to become more and more aggressive until there are too many killings To list on the news and watching one while you walk down the street is a common Occurrence. We will never actually be able to tell what the ultimate impact of Violence on television is until it actually happens, but will that be too late For us to recover from it? Only time will tell...

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It must be pointed out that children watching violent television directly caused all of these situations.
Not only does television violence affect the child�s youth, but it can ...