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In Plato's Apology, Socrates is on trial, being prosecuted on the charge of impiety

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When, therefore Plato puts into his [Socrates'] mouth suchparalogisms, such quibbles on words, and sophisms as a schoolboy wouldbe ashamed of, we conclude they were the whimsies of Plato's own foggybrain and acquit Socrates of puerilities so unlike hischaracter.—Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Short

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What, after all, is our motive for reading a dead philosopher's wordsabout another dead philosopher who never wrote anything himself? Thisis a way of asking a popular question, Why do history of philosophy?—which has no settled answer. One might reply that our study ofsome of our philosophical predecessors is intrinsicallyvaluable, philosophically enlightening and satisfying. When wecontemplate the words of a dead philosopher, a philosopher with whomwe cannot engage directly—Plato's words, say—we seek tounderstand not merely what he said and assumed, but what hispropositions imply, and whether they are true. Sometimes, making suchjudgments requires us to learn the language in which the philosopherwrote, more about his predecessors' ideas and those of hiscontemporaries. The truly great philosophers, and Plato was one ofthem, are still capable of becoming our companions in philosophicalconversation, our dialectical partners. Because he addressedtimeless, universal, fundamental questions with insight andintelligence, our own understanding of such questions isheightened. That explains Plato, one might say, but where is Socratesin this picture? Is he interesting merely as a predecessor to Plato?Some would say yes, but others would say it is not Plato's butSocrates's ideas and methods that mark the real beginning of philosophyin the West, that Socrates is the better dialectical guide, and thatwhat is Socratic in the dialogues should be distinguished from what isPlatonic (§2.2). But how? That again is the Socraticproblem.

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Scholars and historians who try to gather accurate information about Socrates face a peculiar problem, known as the Socratic problem. This problems arise due to 3 key features -There is no proof that Socrates ever wrote anything, philosophical or biographical.
Whatever information we derive about Socrates is from the works of 4 scholars namely - Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle, and Aristophanes.
The writings are in an artistic and creative style, therefore creating a doubt whether these details are truth or fiction.
So the information on Socrates that is available cannot be proved and has no historical evidence. If the evidence is only through the writings of his associates, there is doubt that Socrates ever existed or he was an imaginary character in his students writings to explain their philosophy.

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Although they continue to use the talkative Socrates as a fictional character, of Plato develop, express, and defend his own, more firmly established, conclusions about central philosophical issues.

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Plato and Xenophon were direct disciples of Socrates and wrote continuous descriptions of him. Aristotle refers frequently, but in passing, to Socrates in his writings.

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The Socratic Dialogues are conversations between Socrates and other people of his time or discussions between him and his followers. The latter being described in Plato's 'Phaedo'.

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Plato's () is an account of Socrates's (unsuccessful) speech in his own defense before the Athenian jury; it includes a detailed description of as he practiced it, together with a passionate declaration of its value for life.

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The Apology is the actual speech delivered by Socrates during his death trial. In the Athenian jury system, an "apology" is composed of three parts: a speech, followed by a counter-assessment, then some final words. 'Apologia' in Greek means defense and not regretting anything. The speech was Socrates defending himself at the trial.

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Socrates was morally, intellectually and polically against the Athenians. When he was on trial for corrupting the mind of young Athenians he explained that while they are concerned about their families and careers, they would better be concerned about the 'welfare of their souls'. He also contested the Sophistic doctrine (virtue can be taught) and argued that successful fathers do not necessarily produce successful sons and that moral excellence was more a matter of divine bequest than parental upbringing.