These large plantations cause social and environmental problems.

The social issue that I feel greatly affected America after the Civil War is Chinese immigration.

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Through candid interviews and news footage, Mike Reynolds and Marc Klaas--both fathers of murdered children--and other key players including judges, legal analysts, and state officials illuminate both sides of this heated issue, revealing how criminal justice policy is debated and promoted in today's media-saturated political climate--particulary in a state where more money is spent on prisons than on education.

However, is it justified to point the finger of blame on our teenagers for the social problems....

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On one hand, this essay agrees with Weber on his theory because as mentioned earlier in the essay, the forces of social exclusion are often working side by side and for a person to be truly successful in the social society, he needs to possess the three forces....

This paper will examine the issue as a social problem, and look at contributing factors and current solutions.

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This report examines the issue from the points of view of ordinary black Americans, the police and social scientists.

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Mills, problems can be divided into either troubles or issues and more often than not, a problem which is seen as a person trouble, when looked at globally, is in fact a social issue....

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Drunk driving has been a problem in the United States since the introduction of automobiles; however, it did not become an important social issue until the 1980’s.

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Taking these four elements as building blocks the following definition of a social problem may be arrived at: A social condition, known to a pressure group as posing a threat to current values and norms, that requires collective action to rectify (Pretorius, Le Roux, Lesufi, Liebenberg, Martin Rautenbach & Zegeye in Ferreira 2005:87)....

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Although a Senate committee, the 'University and Society' Committee', oversees/supervises the preparation of the essays, each essay expresses the opinion of the author, and not that of the University.

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The social problems perspective provides that people are not actually responsible for their actions, but rather that their actions were the result of a failure of society to prevent the problem....

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Many theories that seek to explain social problems function at the level of the psychological or biological conditions that make some people behave badly – discovering the gene, chromosome or mental characteristic that separates the deviant from the normal.

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Poverty, employment rates, discrimination, and other social problems strike African Americans in such a way that it is nearly impossible to separate them; each individual has different background, socially and physically, that would determine in which order his or her social problems need to be solved.