Impressionist painters were powerfully influenced by Japanese prints.

Impressionist music often lacks the sort of strong forward drive characteristic of earlier music.

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It is worth noting that there are many lesser composers often associated with musical Impressionism including Frederick Delius (England), John Tomlinson Griffes and Charles Martin Loeffler (U.S.).

The relationship of Impressionism to Romanticism is not entirely rebellious.

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But the severe risk run by those who subscribe to it is twofold; partly that means may be mistaken for ends - the striking of a fresh posture, the adoption of an untried process, may be mistaken in itself for an art-work, which it is not; and partly that, by thus shifting the scale of values, the concept of permanent validity in the finished work becomes relative.

Some of the works by Italian composer Ottorino Respighi also have an Impressionist feel to them."

Impressionist composers specialized in small-scale works using smaller, simpler orchestras than their predecessors and simpler, more transparent textures.

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This blurring of traditional tonal progressions may be analogous to the Impressionist painters' technique of avoiding hard edges and sudden, sharp contrasts.Paul Brians' writes, in :"There are some similarities between Impressionist painting and Impressionist music. Impressionist art often tries to capture fleeting moments in which a certain kind of light transforms the objects it shines on.

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He may indeed be the most poorly played composer, generally speaking, after Chopin." Impressionism released the chord from its function in regard to the movement and goal of the music.

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Copland's disarmingly honest statement would be held up as evidence that he had 'sold out' ".As Frank LaRocca observes: "this post-war generation, led by such figures as Babbitt and Boulez was, after all, the one that made 'popular' the opposite of 'serious' in music, as if popular appeal and intellectual and structural interest had suddenly become incompatible qualities." Various forms of "Neo-Romanticism" have since restored the ideals of melody, traditional harmonies, emotional expression, and narrative among many younger composers.

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Whatever the exact definition of Impressionism may be, one other comparison is clear: both artistic and musical Impressionism are very popular with a broad public. All that said, ("Moonlight") is not a particularly Impressionist piece.

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…Sequence of exhibitions, plentiful literary texts and record gross sales yield more of an indication of today's extraordinary resonance of pieces by Impressionist painters, a number of which are imprinted on our creative conscience In their time, Impressionist pieces appeared to be so shockingly modern, that it took their coevals more than thirty years to admit them....