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Essays in Economics: Volume 3, Theory and Policy was published by The MIT Press in 1982.

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Social Policy may be broadly defined as a system of social welfare that includes economic as well as non-economic objectives and involves some measure of progressive redistribution in command over resources1.

The One Child Policy proved to be successful in reducing population size....

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Though I tend to gravitate towards computer, science, and math information, I will just as likely find an article on a political, religious, or historical topic just as interesting as an article on how astronauts keep their Coke fizzy in space or a book on how public key encryption works.

Flourishing government policies prove to be efficient and effective when implementation is deemed successful.

2. The essay will be 5-7 double-spaced, with one inch margins (left/right, top/bottom), not including the title page or the reference page. The title page should include the proposition of policy that you are defending, your name, and the title of the course. Staple your paper together. Do not use folders.

Furthermore, we will look at its strengths and weaknesses and consider whether it fits with the government’s wider social policy....

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Looks good Pia ! My key criticism (which you’ve also captured) is that Bridgman and Davis place the Cabinet process at the centre of policy making when agencies and policy officers (through their interactions with other stakeholders) can actually set the policy agenda. In your diagram I would also include ‘stickability’- there are a myriad of issues that can be triggered but whether or not they last the distance to getting properly considered is another issue. As a model of policy making I am a fan of Charles Lindblom and incrementalism () . Amatai Etzioni built upon this paradigm further and called it mixed scanning as a third approach (the second approach was Herbert Simons Bounded Rationality) …in this day and age a pluralistic approach to conceptualizing all three in the guise of ‘strategic policy’is probably most useful.

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This message not only suggests that policy makers widely accept the paradigm shift from (less adaptive and responsible) „traditional” to science-based policy making, but also creates new challenges for the scientists.

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The co-operation of policy and science is vital in making policy-data available, in performing analyses, in evolving new theories, and in developing assessments, since the outcomes of these processes can be deemed as policy-supporting evidence....

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For this essay, I had the most fun in developing my own alternative public policy model at the end of the essay. Would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy and comments welcome!

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However, the two types of policy share the group model of policy making because of the actors and agents involved at the various steps in the policy making process along with the shared similar characteristic of being highly controversial.